Quoin Rock

The Quoin Rock Winery was named after Quoin Point - the second southernmost point in Africa. The winery is located on the slopes of the Simonsberg in Stellenbosch.

The Gaiduk family bought the farm in 2012 and together with their team they strive to only grow the most suitable grape varieties to create perfect wines. The entire farm covers about 200 hectares. Of these, 36 hectares are planted with mainly red Bordeaux grape varieties, with the focus on Cabernet Sauvignon but Shiraz also thrives very well. Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are also grown with very good results at the sister farm Boskloof in Elim, in the southern district of Cape Agulhas.

The excellent ratings of the wine critics clearly show that Quoin Rock is now one of the best wineries.

The wines are only sold when they are ready to be enjoyed. This means, for example, that after 20 months of aging in French oak barrels, the red wines are aged in the farm's cellars for a further 12-24 months before being released. The Chardonnay remains in cask for around 9 months and in the bottle for a further 12-18 months before it is sold.