Olive oil

Olive oil


Cold pressed premium extra virgin olive oil from Italy from traditional, small family wineries belong in every kitchen.

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Barberagri - Olivenöl "Chimicunti" Extra Vergine Valli Trapana DOP 0.5 lt

Product no.: IT-BAG-09-2022


Gentle, slightly fruity, delicately bitter with a nice slight spiciness, typical for a high-quality olive oil.

CHF 15.90 / bottle(s) *
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I Balzini - Olive Oil Extra Vergine 0.5 lt

Product no.: IT-BAL-07-OliveOil


An excellent "Extra Vergine" Olive oil, intensiv, fruity with a smell of Artichokes.

CHF 18.90 / Can(s) *
1 l = CHF 37.80
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I Balzini - Purple Label - Crema Balsamico 0.1 lt

Product no.: IT-BAL-08-Balsamico


A creamy sweet and sour sauce produced from concentrated grape must and aged balsamic vinegar of Modena (IGP)

CHF 16.90 / bottle(s) *
1 l = CHF 169.00
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Frantoio Galantino - Olive oil clay jug 0.5 lt

Product no.: 006070


A yellow-gold-greenish olive oil from Puglia with fruity notes of medium-ripe olives.

CHF 25.90 / bottle(s) *
1 l = CHF 51.80
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Massimo Leone - Olive oil Extra Vergine 0.5 lt

Product no.: IT-CML-11-Olivenöl


A "superior" extra virgin olive oil made from the best olives, with a scent of herbs and spices.

100% olive oil from Puglia

CHF 17.90 / bottle(s) *
1 l = CHF 35.80
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