Witty, brilliant and occasionally provocative, Desiderius Pongrácz was a blue-blooded count from the Hungarian aristocracy.

He chose to live his life as a man of the land pursuing a career in viticulture. After graduating from the Hungarian Academy for Agriculture in 1944, instead of returning to the family estate, Desiderius Pongrácz joined the cavalry in the Hungarian army. Shortly after Hungary’s surrender, he was captured by the advancing Russians. Finally, with the war over, Desiderius Pongrácz was released back to Hungary. During the chaos of the Hungarian revolt, he resolved to escape and set his sights on Africa after securing a position as a farm manager in Namibia through his European nobility connections.

In 1958, he relocated to the Stellenbosch winelands where he worked as a farm manager before joining the research institute of Nietvoorby under Dr Piet Venter in 1963. While at the research institute, he obtained his Masters of Science Degree in Agriculture at the University of Stellenbosch.

In 1973, he was appointed Chief Viticultural Adviser at Distillers Corporation. During his 20 odd years in viticulture at the Cape, Pongrácz helped shape the South African wine industry through his intellect, insight, knowledge, innovation, vision and above all, fearless tenacity to pursue what he believed to be right.

A pioneer in his field, Desiderius Pongrácz was instrumental in shaping new viticulture practises. He was author of a number of books and produced numerous scientific publications. His definitive book "Practical Viticulture", published in 1978, is still consulted by students today.

Pongrácz died at the age of 61 in hospital after a tragic accident while transporting Chardonnay vines to Uitkyk Estate. 

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Pongràcz - Brut Rosé NV

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Dry rosé with a wonderful fruity taste.

60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir

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Pongràcz - Brut NV

Product no.: SA-PGZ-02-MCC


Full body, soft and fresh with a long lasting taste.

Ideal with light snacks and starters.

100% Chardonnay

John Palatter: 4 stars (90-94 points), Veritas Awards: silver

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