General Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions regulate the relation between the e-shop operator Wine and More GmbH (seller) and its clients (buyer) in terms of all orders, which have been placed through the Online Shop Any conditions from the buyer opposed to these terms and conditions will be clearly objected.


The offers in the Online Shop are not binding, can be changed at any time and are directed exclusively to buyers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Online conclusion of contract

Once the buyer placed and sent its order to, it becomes a legal contract. The contract comes into place when the seller accepts the delivery of the goods.


Desicive is the price at the time of the conclusion of contract, which means at the time of the delivery. All prices are in Swiss Francs and include the legal VAT. The prices are subject to change at any time.


The seller keeps the right to send larger orders from new or existing clients only against payment in advance. The seller has also the right to refuse orders without any reasons.

The sent goods remain property of Wine and More GmbH till the full payment has been received. Wine and More GmbH is entitled to make an entry in the buyer's respective property register.

If the buyer is delayed with the payment of the total amount, Wine and More GmbH is entitled to keep the goods and to withdraw from the order contract. The buyer grants the return of the goods with his order placement.


With the delivery of the goods, the risk goes to the buyer. Information about availability and possible delivery times are not binding, unless it was confirmed in written form by Wine and More GmbH.

The delivery will be done by VinoLog only within Switzerland. Delivery costs will be covered by the buyer/receiver of the goods.

In general the delivery takes places within 2-4 working days after receipt of payment. Deliveries to postbox addresses will not be carried out.

Wine and More GmbH cannot be held liable for any delivery delays.


Order pick-ups in Waltenschwil are not possible! Delivery will always be through VinoLog!

Sale of return

False deliveries are to be advised within 10 days and will be exchanged free of charges by Wine and More GmbH.


Possible claims of the buyer towards the seller, which are not in connection to the ordered goods, are excluded from the legal ground. This is also for auxiliary persons or assistants of the seller.

Youth protection

Wine and spirituous beverages will only be handed out to persons above the age of 18 years. The buyer confirms with the order to be of full age.

Data protection

For the handling and use of data, which refer to persons or companies, the seller keeps up the conditions of the Swiss data protection law.

Legal venue

All obligations of these order contract conditions are exclusively under the control of the Swiss right. Place of execution and sole legal venue is Wohlen AG (Switzerland).

Severability clause

If an assignment on these general terms and conditions become ineffective, this will not impact the effectiveness of all other assignments of the general terms and conditions. The respective right or wrong assignement will be replaced by a regulation, which correspondends to the spirit and purpose of these general terms and conditions.

Changes of the general terms and conditions

Changes are subject to the general terms and conditions of Wine and More GmbH at any time. The published version on the website is effectual.

Version July 2016